As we prime our faces for perfection in 2022, we have lots of new beauty trends to look forward to, as well as trends from past years that we can’t get enough of. From innovative skin care products to old school hair styles such as mullets, beauty trends of this new year are forecasted to be a mix of subtle and bold. 

Let’s look at some of the top trends in the beauty industry that are turning heads and inspiring us to be our most authentic, beautiful selves.  

Skin Care

In 2021 we saw the rise of skinimilism, a trend that focuses on natural makeup looks and simplified skin care routines, and this year is no different. Improving skin health versus covering up skin conditions, like acne or wrinkles, with makeup is becoming more of a priority for consumers. Contributing factors of this shift could be from pandemic stress, mask wearing and exposure to pollution.  

Beauty industry leaders like L’Oreál launched a variety of new skin care products that cater to skinimilism. Last year, they introduced K-Beauty, a variety of skin care products & routines, formulated to help you achieve healthy, dewy-looking skin with or without makeup. And in 2022, K-Beauty regimens will likely continue to reign. Fermented beauty products also tie in, as natural skin care ingredients draw mass appeal to consumers. 

It doesn’t look like the need for natural is going anywhere anytime soon, so sustainable beauty continues to grow in popularity this year. We’ve heard of green beauty in recent years, but “blue beauty” is set to take off this year. Blue beauty refers to companies that emphasize the importance of protecting our oceans by reducing plastics and chemicals in the products they sell. 


This year, it’s time to turn up the shine! Whether it’s eyes, lips or skin, luminosity is what it’s all about. And when it comes to hair, think about going back in time and reintroducing some of your favorite styles with a new spin.  

“Go glittery or go home” is a motto you should adopt when it comes to makeup this year. From eyes to cheeks to lips, sparkle and high shine is the hot new trend of 2022. But before we dive into makeup specifics, let’s start with eyebrows, aka the face framers. This year when it comes to brows, think fluffy & full, and consider trying soap brows to get started. Next, eyes can take flight with winged eyeliner designs. This look is clean and has a futuristic feel that can be achieved with liquid liner or an eye pencil.  

A statement blush should follow bright eyes, with bold and rosy cheeks on full display. In 2022, there is no such thing as too much blush, so don’t be afraid to pile on the color and make your cheeks pop! Last but not least, let’s talk lips. Bringing back the popular ’90s trend of lined lips, this fad is back and possibly here to stay. A dark lip liner can be used against a nude lipstick to create a dramatic lip look. Muah!  


When it comes to hair in 2022, it’s a mix of blunt cuts and free-flowing tresses. The mullet, for example, is making a comeback, and borrowing from the 1990s once again, the bixie cut (a combination of the bob & pixie haircut) is growing in popularity. If you opt for a longer look, soft and effortless or sleek and long are this year’s trends. As far as hair color is concerned, 2022 is saying bye to the balayage, and hello to more one-dimensional, natural hair color.   


Since its inception, the beauty industry has primarily focused on people from Eurocentric backgrounds. From magazines to television, the image of beauty has had a specific look that dictated what the standard of beauty is. In recent years though, this school of thought has evolved. Beauty industry leaders are now bridging the gap between white-washed images to include people from all ethnic backgrounds. We are seeing more people of color start their own beauty brands to challenge the archaic norm–shoutout to Fenty Beauty & Rihanna for blazing the trail and these black-owned businesses making it happen!)  

 “To me, it’s unbelievable that we’re still using the Fitzpatrick scale, which was created in the 1970s and only has six skin tone types, which isn’t close to being inclusive enough.”  Farah Naz, EX1 Cosmetics Founder 

Beauty brands are also recognizing the importance of gender fluidity and are including more nonbinary/androgynous imagery in their content.   

Tech Beauty

In 2021, tech companies like Meta began to invest in the metaverse, a virtual world where people can socialize, work and play. This new technology opened the door for other industries to follow, and the beauty industry is already getting in on the action. For example, the cosmetic brand Nars is dabbling in the idea of virtual reality to create avatars that can be used to try different makeup looks. Virtual makeup testing is another thing to look out for in 2022, which will provide the opportunity to try different shades of foundation, lipsticks, and nail polish online before you buy. 

*Authors note: click here to learn more about salons in the Metaverse 

2022 is set to be one of the beauty industry’s most exciting years ever! With more inclusivity, technology and blast-from-the-past looks, this year is about nods to decades past, and letting your authentic self shine. And we are completely here for it.