There is an amazing beauty treatment that is probably sitting right in your medicine cabinet. Castor oil has many great benefits for beauty and health.

An Incredible Moisturizer

Use castor oil as a velvety rich moisturizer. Rub a little on your hands, legs, arms, feet, body, even your face or soft, supple skin that glows. You can also add a few drops to your favorite lotion or a moisturizing boost. Moisturize your lips and around your eyes as well to reduce fine lines and give you a youthful glow. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an amazing massage oil.

Woman applying castor oil

It Draws out Impurities in the Skin and Cysts on the Face and Body

Smooth castor oil on your face and neck and leave on overnight to draw out impurities. If you have cysts on your face or body that are just under the skin, dab a little on or place a castor oil pack over it. After several days (sometimes a little longer) the treatment will draw the cyst out and you will be rid of it.

Great After Sun Skin Care

Castor oil is a great post sun skin soother. It moisturizes and keeps skin moist. Slather on a thin layer on your shoulders, chest and other areas that get the most sun. It will make your tan last longer while keeping your skin hydrated.

Scarred hand

Softens Scar Tissue making it Less Visible

If you have thick, scaly scar tissue, dab a little castor oil on the area and cover with a band aid. Change the bandage every day and apply more castor oil. After a few days you will find that the scar tissue is softer and less visible. Eventually it will thin out as well.

A Fantastic Skin Softening Additive for Homemade Exfoliants

Use castor as the base for your skin exfoliators. It is great if you are peeling after an old tan or have rough, dry patches. Combine two parts of the scrub – coffee grounds, salt, sugar, or brown sugar – with one part castor oil. Apply with a gentle circular motion the rinse well and pat dry. Your skin will have a rosy glow that you will love.

Castor oil is great to have on hand. It is cheap, virtually odorless, and works wonders – and it will work wonders for you.