In the long, hot summer months, dehydration is an ever-present concern. When the heat gets real, our skin gets dry real fast. Of course, guzzling water and consuming nutritious meals can help you stay hydrated from within. But why stop there? To get that ultimate summer glow, we’re going to need help from spa treatments.

Hydrating Facials

You can identify dehydrated skin by the way it looks. Dull, red, dry, and flaky skin is a good hint. Not only are deep hydrating facial treatments excellent for replenishing your skin’s moisture, they also offer deep-cleansing and exfoliation. You can expect to have dirt and impurities lifted away as well as dead skin cells removed cells (a major contributor to dull-looking skin).

As a result, the new layer of skin cells underneath act as the perfect surface to absorb all the nourishing serums and moisturizers that follow, to lock in moisture for plump, luminous skin.

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Full Body Treatments

Skin can also feel moisture-depleted during the summer. For all-over hydration, try a body treatment such as a mask or wrap. A full-body mask involves covering your entire body with a therapeutic mask for maximum hydration. After the product is applied, you are covered with a thermal blanket or wrap to seal in the moisture. Such masks may include hydrating ingredients, like clay, mud, seaweed, algae, or shea butter.

Whichever body treatment you choose, it’s always best to start with a fresh, smooth surface. Getting a body scrub beforehand ensures that the rough, dry skin is sloughed off and your moisturizing products absorb effectively.

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Scalp Treatments

Environmental factors like too much sun exposure and humidity may be the culprits of itchy scalp or dull, breakage-prone hair. The good news: it can be helped! A deep hydrating hair treatment will lock in the moisture.

Most of these treatments will begin with a stimulating head massage to promote a healthy scalp. Some massages include essential oils, natural oils, or an intense moisturizing shampoo that can have you saying oh, yes! Top it off with a hydrating hair mask containing clay or deep conditioning treatments to restore depleted moisture.

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Summertime doesn’t have to mean choosing between fun in the sun or dewy skin. With modern technology and spa professionals, we can have it all! Best of all, professional skin treatments withstand dehydration, giving you more time to enjoy your getaways before you return for another round. But we all know that once we’ve experienced a professional skin treatment, we won’t be able to resist booking spas wherever we go.


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash