Some people discover what they want to do early on in life. Tabatha Coffey, renowned hairstylist, entrepreneur & TV personality, knew she wanted to do hair from the age of 14. Despite her decades of experience & expertise, she doesn’t want to know it all. Instead, she pushes herself to continue learning. Over her career, Tabatha has garnered criticism for her blunt style. Rather than taking the criticism to heart, she redirected the narrative to embracing your empowerment—especially as a female business owner. Now, she offers life & business coaching to help women find their inner confidence & strength. We absolutely love to see it. 

This one is not to be missed. Listen to the invaluable jewels Tabatha drops in this week’s episode of On Point!


(0:15) Hello, and welcome back to another episode of On Point. I’m your host, Taylor Burke, and today we have a very special guest. She is a hairdresser, a creator, an author, a coach, a speaker and a TV personality. I guess the better question is, what doesn’t she do!? We have the one and only, Tabatha Coffey! 

(4:20) Taylor: Was there ever a different path for you? When you were in middle school or high school, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up? 

(7:18) Tabatha: I started my hairdressing career when I was 14 working at a salon as a Saturday girl and I formally started my hairdressing apprenticeship when I was 15. I literally have been a hairdresser my whole life. 

(8:35) Taylor: After Bravo offered you to be a part of Shear Genius, you turned them down at first. Why? 

(15:15) Tabatha: As soon as you start going, “I’m the best; I’m done,” you really are just signing your death warrant, I believe. So, I’m constantly learning my craft and evolving. 

(16:45) Taylor: Looking back at it all now, what are some things you wish you knew then that you now know? 

(23:54) Taylor: You’ve changed the narrative now and the label, “bitch,” you’ve now been made into a characteristic that everyone wants to be. The acronym you’ve came up with for it is: Brave. Intelligent. Tenacious. Creative. Honest. So, a lot to unload here. Tell me why changing this label was so important to you. 

(29:57) Tabatha: Something I always tell business owners all the time is that the best thing you can do is be like bamboo. Bamboo bends and it doesn’t break. You need to be flexible! 

(35:48) Tabatha: If you are not lit up as a business owner, if you are not believing in what you are providing, then it is subpar, and you know it. 

(44:05) Taylor: What hair products are in your shower right now?

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