A new makeup trend is hitting the runway and making a big splash. Rihanna’s Fenty for Puma collection had models rocking the Paris runway with pointillism-inspired makeup. This is only shortly after Kat Von D produced a makeup tutorial with a very cool pointillism result using over eight shades of foundation and a Q-tip.

Background and History

Pointillism is an artistic style of pointing that was introduced by Georges-Pierre Seurat in the late 1800’s. He used very tiny dots of paint on a large canvas to create images. Close up, the dots remained individual, but from a distance they formed a very clear scene. Often, two colors were laid next to each other to create shadows or color blends. Back in his time, Seurat’s style was a very noted approach that strayed away from the brush strokes that had been popular with traditional artists and the more modern impressionists.

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In a similar way, today’s ink printers use very tiny dots of ink to create an image that seems seamless to the naked eye.  This is what lies behind the more recent work of Roy Lichenstein. The pop art king was noted for utilizing dots in his paintings to create a bright image as a commentary on the era. He used small dots of oil paint in the 1960’s to give his art the look of blown up comic strips. The tongue-in-cheek approach to art was popular during that era and continues to influence artistic minds today.

Modern-Day Makeup Trend

Today’s runway makeup trends are bringing back up this style, but using colors on the skin instead of canvas. Rihanna’s models wore accents below their eyes in a pointillism style that worked perfectly with the fashion aggressive clothing line. Kat Von D took a slightly different approach, using pointillism to highlight and shadow her face in somewhat of an ironic approach to the big 2016 trend of (blended) facial contours.

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Perhaps you won’t see daily styles taking on this direct of an approach to pointillism, but you might see trends taking form in eyeshadow application or lip color. Will you be trying out this old art style revisited?