Could it be that longer nails are just a salon visit away? Of course, you can always opt for faux nails, and you wouldn’t regret it. These days, faux nails look more realistic than ever before. But wouldn’t it be nice just once to grow your own natural nails long? You can, with the right salon treatments. Here are some options to consider.

Nail Wraps

Photo by @myselfupgraded

Nail wraps can be thought of as little supports for your natural nails. Nail wraps help weakened nails to get past that delicate young growth and build up thickness and strength until your nails are strong enough on their own. Once you’ve had salon nail wraps treatment a few times, you may notice that your own nails are growing stronger than ever before.

Hand Massage

Hand massages are available at your nearby salon, and they are ideal for helping to grow nails longer. Massage of all kinds helps to increase circulation, which in turn will liven up your nails’ natural tendencies to grow. When you get your salon hand massage, ask your esthetician to concentrate on the tips of your fingers, near your nail beds.

Regular Manicures

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Salon estheticians know how to care for your nails better than you do. That includes knowing how to correctly file them into shape. If you have problem nails that never seem to grow, your filing technique might be at least partially to blame. When you take on this task at home, it’s likely that you’re doing it at an incorrect angle, causing the vertical nail fibers to crack and split. This weakens nails, and leads to breakage. With regular manicures, you can avoid this unnecessary occurrence. Invest in a standing appointment with your salon to have your nails pampered, and you’ll very likely start seeing your natural nails growing longer and stronger in between salon visits.

The secret to growing your nails longer is at your salon. With a combination of hand massages, nail wraps and regular manicures, you can look forward to a beautiful set of nails that are natural and strong.