There are two types of people: those who have bangs and those who don’t. What they all have in common is their love for them!

However, this has proven to be a tricky area. There is nothing more discouraging than bang-newbies seeking to mimic Zooey Deschanel’s charming look only to realize after that it doesn’t suit them after the clippers are put down. Then there are clients who love bangs, but would only want them for a day or two. Not quite possible when the style requires a long-term commitment.

Thanks to the many hair professionals who share their tips and tricks online, you can also imitate the bang look without ever touching the scissors. Before we snip away, be sure this is the look your clients want with our list of favorite bang tricks.

1. Twist and Pin Trick

This trick comes courtesy of YouTube user Loepsie. Start by taking a long strand of hair that’s close to the ear, dividing it from the rest of the client’s head. This will be the “bang.” Line it up with where they want their bangs to sit. Gradually twist the hair closer to the edge. The strands should take on a bang-like shape. Finally, pin the hair behind the client’s ear, then repeat on the other side.

2. The Ponytail Trick

With this illusion, you create the bangs by using the ends of your client’s own hair. Begin by pulling the client’s hair into a small ponytail towards the front of their head. Let the ponytail rest across the client’s forehead. Using bobby pins or small clips, pin the bangs into place. With hair products or a curling iron, arrange the bangs so the strands don’t sit straight on the client’s head. Use a headband or large bun to hide the rest of the ponytail.

Photo by @omghairmakeup on Instagram

3. The Easy Bang Hair Piece by Paula Young

Paula Young specializes in wiglets and hair pieces. These bangs come in a variety of natural colors to match your client’s hair hue. The Easy Bang Hair Piece is made of her Kanekalon Synthetic materials for a realistic look. This is a great fast option for clients with a special photoshoot or wedding that’s just around the corner.

Photo by @paula.young.wigs on Instagram

4. The Wig Company’s Clip-On Bang

Using Tru2Life synthetic hair, The Wig Company’s bangs are yet another stellar option. They extend five inches long and include sides that frame the face! If the bangs don’t quite match the client’s look, you can use heating products to create more style with no ill effects.

Photo by @alexis_dea_hair on Instagram

With these hand tricks and tips, you can help answer your clients’ life long question of whether or not Bangs are right for them. And if they truly love the look, you can snip away guilt-free! And if they’re absolutely over the moon with their new look, be sure to ask them to leave you a lovely review on your Vagaro listing page!


Header Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash