Traditionally, face mists are used to hydrate the face, or to provide a quick pick-me-up, but today’s face mists are capable of a whole lot more. Are you settling for yesterday’s face mist? Is your face mist working hard enough? The latest generation of face mists are offering much more than a refreshing spritz of fragrant water. Here’s the rundown.

If you’re going to spritz anything on your face, you might as well get something more out of it. That’s the belief that manufacturer’s of facial mists are going with. Here are some of the added benefits you can expect out of the latest generation of face mists.

1. Makeup setting qualities.

Who wants their makeup to run on the hottest days of the year? The newer face mists have makeup setting properties that prevent mascara, foundation, blush and shadow from running and ruining that perfect, flawless look. Try L’Oreal Infallibe Fixing Mist.

2. Protection from the sun.

You’ve known for a long time that you’re supposed to use SPF everyday, all day. But who wants to apply sunscreen along with facial toner and moisturizer? That’s why the trendiest face mist companies have incorporated SPF protection in their ingredients. Not only will you be spritzing a pick me up; you’ll also be protecting your delicate skin are from those nasty UV rays. Try Kate Somerville’s Firming Mist.

3. Cooling hydration.

Certain ingredients in modern face mists deliver palpable cooling and hydration properties with every pump.

4. Anti-inflammation properties.

Environmental stress on the skin plays out with wrinkles, sallow complexion and sagging. Fight back with anti-inflammatory ingredients like green, red and white tea extracts in the latest face mists on the market. Try Marc Jacob’s Beauty Spray.

You’re going to carry a face mist with you anyway. Why not maximize your time and space by delivering more benefits with every spritz? The face mists mentioned here have got beauty right on target.