Nail art trends are constantly changing and evolving. This past year we’ve seen some awe-inspiring designs that are anything but ordinary. From mirror and watercolor to holographic and furry, let’s review some of the year’s craziest nail trends.


Everyone went wild with the introduction of mirror nail polish. This popular trend features a high-shine metallic look that is simple to apply yet so dramatic. To create this look, simply apply a thin coat of clear polish, followed by two coats of a reflective silver topcoat.


The chilly winter temperatures brought out this next wild nail trend. Furry nails feature a tuft of soft fur attached to a sleek base coat. To create an animalistic look, a neutral brown, tan, or grey color is used for the base and matching fur tuft.


The watercolor manicure was one of the summer’s hottest nail trends. This streaky pastel design incorporates three colors onto one nail, similar to an ombré effect. To create this look, you need your nail paint colors and a small makeup sponge. Blend the three colors side-by-side on top of a neutral shade. Leave a small space between each of the three top colors to allow the base color to show through.

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The holographic nail trend is truly mesmerizing. It features an iridescent nail polish amped up to create a shiny pearl finish. While you can achieve a low-cost version of this at home using a basic holographic polish, it’s best to head to a salon for a high-end look. Most salons use an iridescent powder applied to your polish to create an ultra-shiny nail surface.

Oil Slick

Oil slick nails can be found in a variety of shades and designs. Similar to the sought-after galaxy trend, slick nails feature a marble feel that resembles oil paints. Creating this look is as easy as swirling three to four metallic nail colors together with a toothpick.


The LED nail trend features technology at its finest. While creating these designs is time-consuming and fairly costly, LED nail art is nothing like you’ve seen before. These designs are created with tiny LED-lit Swarovski crystals for instant shine and elegance.

This past year hosted some crazy and cool nail art trends, many that we hope to see in the upcoming seasons. There’s still time to try one of these wild designs for yourself.