South Korea has been making a name for itself in the fashion and beauty industry in recent years. Contributing with world-renown innovations, this culture has become global leaders in the beauty industry. It’s not a wonder that people turn to Korea for beauty tips.  Among the hundreds of beauty methods, we’ve complied a small list of some of our favorite trends that will have you feeling fresh!

Steam Shower Massage

Giving your face a gentle steam massage while in the shower is another Korean beauty secret. Massage your face in a circular motion several times a week to promote hydration and prevent future breakouts. The steam gently opens up your pores and massaging your face helps cleans them from dirt and oils.

Barely Tea

This all-in-one drink is known for having a vast array of benefits. Not only does this drink promote weight loss and improve circulation, but it also promote healthy skin. Because this drink also promotes general well-being, parents often share Barely Tea with their children.

Charcoal Sheet Face Masks

This internet sensation was a thing in South Korea before it became Instagram hottest beauty trend. Charcoal sheets are a great for detoxing the skin of impurities. To top it off, they are simple to use! Apply these masks for 15-20 minutes, remove, and discard– not too much to ask for vibrant skin.

The Blurring Technique

Lastly, blurring is a technique that involves using several coverage products to cover imperfections. While there are a number of products to use, the Korean market has a few that are designed for this specifically. Either way, no matter which product you decide to use, be sure to practice your technique!

Overall, there are many beauty tips that can make your skin look awesome. Try these on for size and track your results!