There is nothing more monumental for a bride than her wedding day, so looking on point is everything. Beyond the hair and dress, your bridal makeup is the cherry on top of a beautiful wedding cake. To ensure an affectionate relationship with your wedding makeup artist, ask the following:

1. Will the Wedding Makeup Artist Use their Own Products Or Mine?

According to The Knot, some brides stick with certain makeup brands due to allergies or preference. If you fall into this category, check if your wedding makeup artist is willing to use your products as some will only work with their own. If you have highly sensitive skin, don’t forget to communicate your preference for brand new brushes as opposed to used ones.

Questions to Ask your Wedding Makeup Artist
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2. Is the Wedding Makeup Artist Willing to Travel for the Wedding?

Don’t wait last minute to tell your wedding makeup artist that you have a destination wedding as this is a deal breaker for many for obvious reasons. A wedding makeup artist should not be expected to travel overseas or even states away without enough notice and compensation. Ask if the makeup application will occur at the wedding venue or at the studio. According to Wedding Wire, communicate these needs early and make arrangements accordingly. Don’t assume everyone will travel.

Questions to Ask your Wedding Makeup Artist
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3. Will the Wedding Makeup Artist Give Me a Trial Run?

It’s difficult to know if the look you saved to your Pinterest board will work for you in reality, which is why Wedding Wire recommends to ask your wedding makeup artist to do a trial run. This is the time to communicate details like colors, thick or light applications, mascara or false lashes, and all the other kinks that are involved. Consider it a warm up for the big day. Additionally, trial runs help your wedding makeup artist determine how long your desired look will take to create. Depending on what your makeup style and needs are, the duration will vary dramatically.

Questions to Ask your Wedding Makeup Artist
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There is nothing more a makeup artist wants than for you to look and feel your best on your big day. Therefore, how you communicate with your artist can make or break your overall bridal look. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let your wedding makeup artist know your needs and they will give you their professional feedback. After all, They are the experts!

If you’re the wedding makeup artist, ask these questions to your bride-to-be’s. Whether your makeup clients are complete newbies or have had professional makeup in the past, they need your guidance.


Header Image Source: Feli Ramsanjami Agung on Unsplash