For summer, beauty is au-naturel. This season’s beauty looks are barely there and sultry. Partly because of the laid-back beach culture associated with this season, but also due to the heat. Because of the change in weather, this requires an update on the beauty products you’re using. Make these swaps to feel effortlessly gorgeous for the best time of year.

Trade Foundation for BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

If you’re outside regularly, thick, full-coverage, foundations feel cake-y in the hot and muggy summer months. Plus, facial pores open up in response to the heat, so using heavy products or layering can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts. Instead opt for a lighter coverage BB cream or tinted moisturizer. NYC celebrity makeup artist, Jackie Gomez, prefers beauty balms because they offer a variety of benefits in one product, such as sun protection, anti-aging, priming, and light-to-medium coverage. BB crams also have a priming function that helps it last longer than a tinted moisturizer.

Ditch the Dark Lipstick

Many are excited to finally break out the brighter, quirkier shades for summer. Makeup artist, Tom Pecheux, suggests going for fun colors like reds and plums that look great on every skin color as opposed to risky oranges and pinks. His secret for making your lipstick last longer is by applying lip balm the night before. In the morning, apply a bright matte color that looks great against the backdrop of dewy summer skin.

Goodbye, Powder Blush

Powder works wonders in winter, but this type of product barely sits still in the summer. Go for blush creams that absorb into the skin for a soft, dewy look. A great choice that serves double-duty as a blush and lip stain is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks.

Opt for a Lighter Moisturizer

Thick moisturizes are needed to fully retain the skin’s moisture against dry winter winds. In summer, however, heavy moisturizers don’t absorb fast enough so they can cause you to sweat off your other products later.  Go for an oil-free choice with SPF so that it protects your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, but absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy.

Change Your Cleanser

Since skin is exposed to different elements throughout the year, your cleansing routine should change with the seasons, too. Nix creamy facial cleansers in favor of foaming washes. Due to the foaming action, these washes offer effective cleansing to remove impurities such as dirt, oil, sweat, and sunscreen products. However, foams have a lighter, gentler touch, so they are great for daily use.

Just a few easy swaps and your makeup bag is now ready for bonfires and beach-lounging. For more help transitioning your look from winter to summer, find an experienced stylist here.