Professional makeup artist working with beautiful young woman

Contouring and highlighting methods have been used by professional make-up artists for years.  No longer a celebrity secret, contouring and highlighting has become a daily ritual for the everyday woman to define, reshape and draw attention to (or away from) areas of their face. Getting into contouring? Start with some of the best products in the business to achieve a perfectly contoured look.

For Contouring Beginners

Clinique Chubby Sticks are excellent starters for a beginner. Apply the brown stick under your cheekbones and then the pink highlighter directly above the cheekbones. Blend for a subtle contoured look.

Lancome Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Sticks are available in five, easy-to-match shades with dual ends. The creamy formula glides right on and makes contouring simple.

For Contouring Experts

The Sephora Collection Contouring 101 Face Palette contains everything you need to achieve your dream contour look. Easy to use for both beginners and know-hows, the palette is organized to take the guesswork out of using the products.

Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc Light-Filtering Contour Powder comes with light, silky powders that don’t cake on. They define the lines on the face without settling in, which makes the skin appear more naturally aged.

Try different shades to see what works for you in your contouring quests. Darker shades will give more dramatic contouring results while lighter shades will appear more fresh. Remember to use matte makeup when contouring and highlighting products for a more natural effect.