Makeup brushes have been around for nearly as long as makeup itself. In fact, according to an article by, there was a bronze makeup brush found in a cemetery that dated back to around 500 or 600 AD, proving this fact. Today, makeup brushes are still a vital part of the makeup application process for many. However, you should never presume that all brushes are created equal as different shapes and brands have varying effects on the overall look of your makeup. Read on to learn more:

Powder Brush

One type of brush you will likely own at some point in your life is a fluffy powder brush. This type of brush is designed for lighter application. It is ideal for applying the slightest hint of powder to finish your look. A great powder brush will be slightly domed shaped and contain lots of soft bristles. recommends the Sephora Pro Airbrush. This brush is ideal for this purpose, although it is labeled a foundation brush.

Photo by @simplymaisie.xo

Angled Brow Brush

Unless you have been on hiatus for a long period of time, you understand the importance of keeping your brows on point. To do this properly, you need a firm, angled brow brush. Use this tool to fill in spots where your brows are sparse. You can also use this brush as an eyeliner brush when applying liquid or gel eyeliner. Be sure to remove excess off your brush before applying by brushing it off on your hand. Make Up For Ever’s 274 Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush is a great example of the type of brow brush you will want to own according to the experts at

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Eye Shadow Brush

There are various types of eyebrow brushes available and based on their shape, you can determine the job they do best. The experts at recommend you have at least three sizes but of course, more is great too. You should have at least one tapered eyeshadow brush, along with a small one and a medium one in your makeup arsenal to complete any look.  The Sephora PRO Tapered Crease Brush is an ideal tapered eyeshadow brush. Use it to elevate your look through expert blending. This medium brush by MAC, the MAC 213 Fluff Brush, is wonderful when it comes to applying eyeshadow to your brow bone and your lid. Use it to either create a light wash of color or to build a heavy line. Finally, the MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush completes your eyeshadow application by helping you focus on small spaces, like around your tear ducts, on the inside of your eyes and the arch of your brows.

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Don’t make the mistake of assuming all makeup brushes perform the same job or work at the same efficiency level. Pay for quality and invest in high-end makeup brushes like those listed above to ensure your makeup looks as it should.


Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash