Vagaro Blog Benefits of Oil Cleansing Treatment
There’s an array of benefits to cutting edge skincare method, oil cleansing. Defined as the process of using natural oils to cleanse the skin, many believe it’s counter intuitive to what most of us have been taught in regards to skin care. However, the process actually works exceptionally well for many as it involved using a specific combination of natural oils in order to help balance the oils that exist organically within the skin. The most popular and inexpensive oils include Castor and olive. The following is an overview of the top 3 benefits of oil cleansing.

Not Harmful

The top reason for using the oil cleansing method is the fact that it’s much healthier than most other skin care products on the market. Surprisingly, the majority of the products we put on our skin contain harmful ingredients that strip good, natural oils. Your skin overcompensates the loss by producing more oil that it actually needs. This overproduction can lead to breakouts.

Vagaro Blog Benefits of Oil Cleansing Treatment 3Clarifying Properties

Oil cleansing also helps to purify the skin by removing bad oils from the skin. To get rid of oil, you must use oil. When you massage the cleansing oils onto your skin, it helps break down the hardened and impure oils trapped in your pores.

Moisturizing & Nourishing

As noted before, skin care products contain detergents that take away oils from your skin, leaving you tight and dry. The oil cleansing method not only cleans your skin of impure oils, but it also helps to balance your natural oils, producing a nourished and moisturized skin.

By simply applying the proper mix of olive and castor oil to your dry face, covering it with a warm cloth, and wiping the mixture away, you may see wonderful results. Nevertheless, always consult a physician before making any substantial changes in your hygiene regimen.