So you’ve been dying to get that dramatic haircut for a while. Go you! The only problem with that is, a “big chop” is much likelier to inspire significant hair regret than a simple trim. Before you go for it, make sure you have all the information about maintenance and have done your due diligence to ensure it will be a good look for you.

1. How Long Until I’ll Need a Haircut Again?

This is an important question. Some cuts take a lot to maintain. If you get a pixie cut, for instance, you’ll need to trim it every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking cute, styled and fresh. Otherwise you will enter Shaggyville real quick. Population: you. There’s nothing wrong with getting your haircut on this schedule, but if you’ve always had long hair, you may not be used to it. Prepare yourself up front.

2. What Will Growing It Back Out Be Like?

Photo by @salonfolklore

At some point, most ladies (and gentlemen of the longer-haired variety) are going to want to grow their hair back out. It pays to know what the process is going to be like. If you have very short hair but want to grow it long, what will that look like? Will you have to wear a hat? Should you plan it for a certain

season? Etc.

3. Does It Work for My Face Shape?

This is a pretty self-explanatory question. Heart-shaped faces, for instance, don’t look as well with short hairstyles as oval-shaped. Your stylist can tell you more.

4. How Often Do You Recommend Trims?

Even if you have a haircut that can go longer periods between cuts, you may still need trims to keep it looking fresh. Ask your stylist how often they recommend you come in for a little touch up. If you decide it’s too high-maintenance for you, you may want to look elsewhere.

Photo by @lovethis_hairlife

A haircut should be a happy occasion. Now you and your new ‘do can avoid a two-week crying jag, and instead ride off together into the sunset, living happily ever after with products you love and a three-day shampoo rotation. What could be better?