Most of us strive for beautiful skin, shiny hair, and a stunning smile, but achieving it is not always easy. There are numerous beauty gadgets on the market that claim to help turn back the hands of time by delivering youthful beauty treatments. Among these are some bizarre contraptions that look odd but actually work to enhance your beauty.

Lip Tattoos

Want to intensify the look of your lips without getting an actual lip tattoo? Try temporary lip tattoos. There are endless patterns to choose from ranging from leopard and cheetah prints to polka dots and floral prints. Application is a breeze. Just hold the tattoo sticker to your lips and press with a wet cloth for about 30 seconds, just like when applying a regular temporary tattoo. While the look lasts just a few hours, patterned lip tattoos give you an incredible pout that’s nearly impossible to achieve with lipstick alone.

Rubber Lips

If you want an instant face lift without going under the knife, a pair of giant rubber lips may be the right solution for you. This odd beauty tool originates from Japan and is designed to make your facial skin tauter. Just place the device into your mouth and make vowel sounds – i.e., a, e, i, o, u.

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Face Iron

You’ve heard of straightening irons for your hair but how about straightening irons for your face? These anti-aging irons can be used directly on the delicate skin of the face to smooth our folds and wrinkles for younger looking skin. The device uses a combination of heat and radio waves to stimulate layers of skin.

Filtered Showerhead

Want to avoid the harsh toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals found in public water? Install a filtered showerhead in your bathroom. Regular carbon filters that are normally effective at filtering water are virtually useless in the shower due to a combination of the hot water and rapid release from the showerhead. Showerhead filters can improve skin hydration and hair shine by filtering out chlorine and other impurities.

Face Exercise Mask

Exercising your facial muscles is no easy task. With the face exercise mask, you can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles on the face for an overall firmer appearance. Just wear the mask for 10 minutes a day as you go about your day completing chores or talking on the phone.

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There’s no shortage of weird and unusual beauty gadgets and gizmos on the market. While a little wacky, these gadgets are considered effective beauty tools.