In the realms of fashion and beauty, the post-pandemic vibe has been one of comfort, simple pleasures and a more relaxed attitude to working, be it in the office or at home. While there still isn’t a defining style(s) in men’s grooming post-pandemic, it has taken a similar less-is-more route—especially in the U.K.  

From their perch in London’s Waterloo neighborhood, the crew at Dan’s Barbershop have seen a dramatic shift away from the complicated and high-maintenance hair & beard styles of the late 2010s (hard parts, pompadours and chest-length beards) and toward more relaxed, raw and natural looks. 

“Right now, it’s all about simple cuts, executed to perfection, that are simple to maintain,” says shop owner, Dan Glass. 

Glass and his colleagues, barbers Francesco Amadini and Luca Mihai, shared nine of their most requested and popular cuts and the benefits of each.

Barbers cutting hair at Dan's Barbershop in South London
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1. Curls, Curls, Curls

bearded man with stylish curly hair
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After over 20 years in the wilderness, natural curls are finally back in fashion!*  

Guys with naturally curly hair are embracing the voluptuous chaos that comes with curls and often keep them disconnected with distinctive skin fades on the back and sides.  

“This pairing of soft & sharp highlights the best in modern barbering and fits in with current post-pandemic mood and styles,” Amadini said. 

*(The crew at Dan’s strongly recommend avoiding chemical perms at all costs). 


Who wears it well: British skateboarder, Blondey McCoy 


2. The Classic Short Back & Sides

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Whoever said that the classics never go out of style was a true sage. Also, they probably asked their barber for a classic short back & sides (#2 or #3 with a natural taper) with a pleasant amount of length on top. 

“Guys are finally dropping the overgrown, unkempt barnets of lockdown and moving back towards an absolute safe bet,” Glass said.  

Beyond simply looking great, this is the staple of men’s cuts for several reasons: First, it complements most facial shapes & facial hair types. Next, its versatility and easy maintenance make it ideal for home, the office or a rave in Ibiza. 


Who wears it well: Actor, Tom Rhys Harries  


3. Mid-length Scissor Cut 

Man with stylish mid length haircut
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This one’s perfect for guys who enjoy growing their hair out but still want to have a SFW (safe for work) style and not appear to be in the throes of a midlife crisis.  

Mid-length natural haircuts prioritize working with the hair’s natural movement. Paired with minimal products, it’s a lush, natural and relaxed style that’s ideal for summer. 


Who wears it well: Actor, Tom Holland 


 4. The Buzzcut

man with stylish buzzcut
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The time for unchecked lockdown experiments has come and gone.  

“We’re finally seeing the end of things like long, shoulder-length hair and those dodgy fashion mullets,” jokes Glass. 

In a possible post-Covid catharsis, Dan’s is seeing the return of the simplest but sharpest style of all – the buzzcut. Often a #4 on top with a skin fade on the sides (but sometimes as clean and simple as a #1 all over), you can never go wrong with a buzzcut!  

The buzzcut is ideal for guys with thinning hair, great for the summer months and a sure-fire sign of the liberating effect the pandemic has had on dress codes and the national mood.  

“It’s zero effort meets maximum impact,” said Amadini. “What more do you need? 


Who wears it well: Footballer, Phil Foden  


5. Curtains

Man with stylish curtain bangs
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The staff at Dan’s has seen a move towards ’90s fashion and hairstyles among their younger clients. 

“It’s a painful reminder,” says Glass, “and almost exclusively avoided by those of us who were there the first time around.” 

A prime example of this nostalgia is curtains. The ’90’s classic is now paired with modern twists, like a super sharp skin taper and/or heavy texture to add personality and movement.  

“If you have the right hair for it (thick and floppy), this is a cracking style for younger tastemakers,” Mihai says. 


Who wears it well: Leonardo Dicaprio, circa Romeo + Juliet  



6. Long, or shoulder-length hair 

Man with long hair style
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While many of their clients have returned to shorter styles, Dan’s still sees plenty of guys—the most Glass has ever seen as a professional barber, in fact—rock longer, flowing locks. 

After two years of awkward growth and the odd bad hair day, their patience is being rewarded with lush, shoulder-length hair that recalls the Summer of Love.  

“I guess you could call it one of the few silver linings of lockdown,” Glass said. 

Dans’ #1 tip for gents with long hair: Once you’ve got it, look after it. Use plenty of conditioner and remember to go to your barber for a maintenance trim every 10-12 weeks to remove dead ends, keep the weight down and the make sure the shape is correct.


Who wears it well: Jared Leto and Brad Pitt in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 


7. Tapered Beards

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After two years of being destroyed by face masks, beards are finally back, though with a catch—the mammoth, chest-length beards of peak beard/peak hipsterdom are long gone. 

“The trend has moved towards shorter, less fussy and more comfortable beards that look far more hygienic,” Glass said. 

A popular example is a tapered beard that starts from very short at the top of the sideburns and moves through a gradient of lengths down and across the cheeks. It becomes fuller and thicker in length in the core goatee area, around the mustache, and down towards the chin.  

This beard style not only suits the times but also works incredibly well with the haircuts mentioned above. 


Who wears it well: Male model, Ricki Hall 


8. Designer Stubble 

Man with stylish beard stubble look
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As mentioned above, peak beard is well and truly over. There’s now a greater variety of facial hair styles out there on the streets, including the classic designer stubble.  

Quick, easy and cutting just the right balance between sharp and soft, designer stubble fits into the current trend of raw/natural, versatile and low-maintenance styles. It is also perfectly SFW and ideal for the hotter summer months when a fuller beard can be uncomfortable. 


Who wears it well: David Beckham 


9. The Mustache

Man with long hair and stylish mustache
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While many of Dan’s clients have done away with their beards over the last few years out of face-mask related frustration, others have experimented with different facial styles, especially the mustache.

The Dan’s crew applaud the return of this classic, but also warn that the ‘stache can be difficult to pull off. 

“There’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy and you don’t want to end up looking like a cartoonish legacy of a dodgy Movember,” Glass said. 

When done right (think Freddie Mercury) and paired with the right haircut, it’s a sharp, suave and distinctive look.


Who wears it well: Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible


It’s highly probable that this list inspired you to shake things up with a fresh new–or classic–haircut.

If you happen to be a Londoner who finds themselves strolling through the Waterloo neighborhood, stop into Dan’s Barbershop at 102 Lower Marsh. The crew there are class acts and will treat you right.

Dan's Barbershop in South London
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