When it comes to the products the Kardashians use, many of these are outside the average woman’s price range. After all, Kim and her krew are some of the most highly-paid celebs period.

Kim’s latest favorite skincare product is surprisingly thrifty, though. In fact, it only costs $10. Yes, that’s not a typo; there are no missing zeros. Here’s everything you need to know about The Ordinary and why Kim’s so gaga over it.

What Is The Ordinary?

From the info on its official product page, The Ordinary is a granactive retinoid with a two percent emulsion. It comes in 30 milliliter bottles, so it will be sure to last you for a while. It’s a vegan product that’s also cruelty-free. It also comes without soy, gluten, nuts, silicone, oil, alcohol, and even water. Still, it has a mild pH between 5.0 and 6.0.

Breaking down all the technical terms, The Ordinary is an anti-aging serum. Instead of retinol, it has retinoids, which bother the skin less while still achieving the same results of virtually turning back the hands of time.

Photo by @misscandiceb


…All That for $10?

Yes, that’s right, you get all the anti-aging benefits a celeb (and not just any celeb, but Kim Kardashian) uses herself. Although we’re not sure how Kim herself found out about The Ordinary, she’s blogged about it. Of course, her website requires paid access, so The Ordinary may still be hush-hush for a little while longer.

By the way, Kim told People that she tends to spend a monthly total of $3,000 to look as good as she does. That includes a 50-milliliter jar of Orchidee Imperiale La Crème from Guerlain for a stunning $455. It’s not like the instantly-recognizable Kardashian is pinching pennies, so she has no reason to shill for such an inexpensive product unless she actually likes it.

Photo by @kimkardashian

What Do Others Think?

Of course, some people take celebrity endorsements with a grain of salt, which is okay. If you check out The Ordinary’s website, you’ll see that their granactive retinoid has an 8.8 star rating out of 10. Out of the 44 reviews on the site as of this writing, plenty of everyday women have rated The Ordinary’s standout product an impressive 10 stars. These are women of all ages with oily, dry, and other skin types.

If you’re of the age where you have to start thinking about using anti-aging products, why not use The Ordinary?


Header photo by Kim Kardashian on Instagram