When it comes to skincare & makeup, buzzwords like “clean” or natural” are often thrown around. But if you look closely at ingredient lists on products, you might notice that those “clean” & “natural” ingredients aren’t the safest for your skin. Sam Michalska, Executive Director of Global Education for ILIA Beauty, one of the leading beauty brands, says she prefers to refer to their hybrid makeup as “transparent.” Instead of throwing around labels, they’re honest and upfront with the ingredients that go into their products. Their goal is to blend makeup & skincare into products that are safe to use and good for your skin. But what is hybrid makeup and why has it become so popular in the West in recent years? 

What is Hybrid Makeup? 

Hybrid makeup combines skincare & makeup. As the word, “hybrid” implies, these two different products blend to create an entirely different product that combines the best of each. One example of hybrid makeup is BB cream, which stands for beauty balm, and works by priming the skin, concealing small imperfections and evening out the complexion (like makeup) while also hydrating the skin and containing SPF for protection (like a skincare product). Essentially, it’s meant to treat the skin while also acting like a light layer of makeup, the ideal combination for individuals looking for a more natural-looking and easier skincare & makeup routine. 

Why is Hybrid Makeup Getting Popular? 

In the wake of the pandemic, people are more likely to look for solutions to various issues that increase efficiency. Instead of having to do a full skincare routine before applying makeup, hybrid makeup is the ideal solution that saves time and money. Because skincare & makeup work together in products, people don’t have to buy as many products which, especially when it comes to high-end skincare or makeup, can be very expensive. 

What are Examples of Hybrid Makeup? 

Hybrid makeup includes everything from mascara to blush and lipstick to bronzer. The possibilities are endless! One product that Michalska recommends is ILIA’s Skin Tint SPF Serum, a tinted moisturizer that also offers sun protection. With 30 shades to choose from, you’ll be able to find your perfect match and say hello to beautiful, healthy skin.

If you want to learn more about hybrid makeup, listen to this episode of Vagaro’s On Point, featuring ILIA’s Sam Michalska here or wherever you listen to your podcasts!