August 7 is National Raspberries N’ Cream Day, because in the peak of summer, berries are lush and ripe. Raspberries and cream aren’t just for dessert anymore. Here’s some gorgeous ways to indulge in raspberries and cream year-round, with these raspberry-inspired looks. For those who love vibrant color, raspberry hair is one of the most versatile, fun ways to express your style and still stay office-appropriate. There’s a wide range of colors in the raspberry hair family, ranging from more vibrant, magenta-based “true raspberry” colors into deeper purple blackberry-raspberry shades and red-based “ripe raspberry” hues.

Raspberries, Raspberries, Everywhere!
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First, take a moment to explore the different kinds of raspberry hair looks (might we suggest the Vagaro Pinterest boards?) This will help you prepare for your consultation by having visual examples to bring your colorist to make sure your raspberry look is everything you envision. You can go for a full-head raspberry look, a more subtle balayage ombre raspberry, pastel raspberry, a rooted look, deeper purple, or a vibrant, fantasy-raspberry. Here are a few of our favorite raspberries!  

Get a Pro to Give You the RaspberryThe raspberry hair look is an advanced, multi-step color technique that may involve lightening, foils, and multiple colors mixed to achieve a one-of-a kind raspberry look, customized just for you! To achieve a great effect, have your color last longer, and do less damage to your hair, use Vagaro to find a professional colorist and book a consultation to get a raspberry hair color service. Once you’ve scheduled a consultation with a colorist, here are some color lines with vibrant raspberry shades to ask about, to design the perfect raspberry look for your hair and lifestyle. Please note that the below color lines are limited to professional use – don’t purchase diverted product!
Raspberry Hair Color Lines to Explore

Chance are, your colorist will have their own favorite color line with color swatches for you to review when designing your raspberry hair. The following color lines have great raspberry shades, but remember, professional hair color shouldn’t be purchased or used outside of a salon setting.

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Aftercare Products for Maintaining Your Raspberry Locks

Ask your colorist for aftercare recommendations to make your raspberry look last longer and stay looking as fresh as a summer berry! If you’re not sure where to start, ask if your salon stocks these top products for raspberry hair. As with our color line suggestions, remember these after care products are professional lines, sold exclusively to licensed professionals—to support small business (and your favorite colorist!) shop with your salon, and don’t purchase diverted product!

Find and book a colorist in your area & make your raspberry dreams come true!

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