Not everyone is born with full, luscious lashes. Fortunately, realistic false eyelashes are plentiful. For many women, the application of fake lashes is simply part of their everyday beauty routine. Not only can falsies provide you with more voluminous lashes, they also help to frame the eyes, making them appear wider and brighter. If applied properly, fake eyelashes will blend in with your natural lashes. Before applying false eyelashes, you must first decide between individual or strip lashes. Here’s a look at the differences between the two options.

Young woman eyelash extensions

Individual Eyelashes

Individual false eyelashes are the ideal option for women who want to enhance their lashes in a subtle way. Unlike strip lashes which can appear bulky, individual lashes allow the applicator complete control of how thick or thin the lash line is. It’s also easier to blend individual lashes in with your natural lashes for a much more realistic look.

Applying individual false lashes is relatively simple, but takes practice to do it quickly. Like most falsies, individual lashes are applied with eyelash glue. One of the easiest ways to apply individuals is by applying a thin layer of glue along the lash line with a Q-Tip. Tweezers can then be used to arrange the lashes in the glue.

False eyelashes in a box

Full Strip Eyelashes

Another popular option for false eyelashes are realistic lashes that come in a pre-arranged strip. Strip falsies are very affordable, and if applied correctly, can blend in well with your natural lashes without appearing too clumpy. Full strip lashes are an excellent option if your natural lashes are thin or spotty.

Strip lashes are already attached to a thin base strip, leaving little room for error during application. They are available in a wide range of lengths and colors, making them a highly versatile option. As strip falsies come in “one size fits all,” it may be necessary to cut the strip to custom fit the length of your eyes.

Glam up your eyes with false eyelashes. Both individual and strip eyelashes can go a long way to enhancing your peepers, especially if you do your best to maintain your falsies long-term.