Deciding on your style for lash extensions? The options may sound overwhelming but remember: Your lash specialist will help you decide which length, thickness, curl, and lash style that gives you the look you want with an upkeep schedule that matches your lifestyle.

Choose a Style to Match Your…
  • Facial shape and bone structure
  • Eye shape (almond, round, etc.)
  • Eye size
  • Eyelid type (hooded, monolid, etc.)
  • Orientation/Setting of eyes (deep set, wide-set, close-set, etc.)
  • Eye color
  • Natural lashes (natural length, volume, curl)
  • Desired lash effect (natural vs. dramatic)
  • Allergies or material sensitivities (latex, etc.)
  • Desired amount of upkeep (minimal upkeep vs. regular maintenance)
Choose Your Own (Lash) Adventure!

The average person has anywhere from 100-150 natural lashes on their upper eyelids. Therefore, in an average lash extension appointment, your lash professional will apply anywhere from 75-120 extensions to create your look.

Create a Look That’s Uniquely You

Lash specialists can combine different lengths, thicknesses, and curl styles to create a variety of lash effects. Some of the most popular looks include volume lash extensions (also called Russian or XD lash extensions), classic extensions, hybrid extensions, or 2D. Depending on the placement of extensions on the upper lash line, you can create an even more customized look.

With the Cat-Eye look, shorter lashes are used on the inner part of the lid and longer lashes are used at the outer edges of the lash line to open up the eye, creating an extended, almond-shaped eye appearance. In Doll-Eye lash placement, longer lashes are used at the center of the lid line, with shorter lashes tapered at the inner and outer corners. This creates a wide-eyed, “doll-like” look. Dramatic lashes taper quickly from shorter at the inner corner to longer, creating a dramatic, fan-like lash line.

J, C, and B curls are the most common curl styles appropriate to most facial structures. J curls are considered the most natural looking, with the least amount of curl. C and B curls offer a more dramatic, yet still realistic effect. C, D, and L curls are better suited for dramatic looks, mature facial structures, monolid or hooded eyes, or lash lines with downward-pointing lashes. Hybrid lashes combine lashes of different lengths, thicknesses and curl styles to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Get the Look!

Once you have an idea of the look you want, use the Vagaro Marketplace to research lash salons and specialists in your area! We recommend you read as many reviews as possible, as well as looking at portfolios, especially “Before & After” photos of their work. If it’s your first time getting extensions, don’t forget to check out Mia’s “I Tried Eyelash Extensions for the First Time for My Europe Trip” video on YouTube!

“Lash” Minute Checklist

Want to make sure you’re ready for your appointment and prepared to take care of your lashes afterward? Download Vagaro’s “Lash” Minute Checklist here!

Header Image: Giorgio Trovato via Vagaro

Curl Style Graphic: Mia Montemayor via Vagaro

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