HiMirror is a new smart mirror that is taking the skincare industry by storm! Essentially, this invention is a smart mirror that gives detailed information about the condition of the skin. Perfect tool for every skincare provider to have on the shelf.

How Does the HiMirror Work?

This 14-inch screen mirror has a built-in high-resolution camera that captures an image of your face which then analyzes the condition of your skin. When the analysis is complete, the device offers suggestions to treat the issues that were found. How cool is that?

How is the Information Presented? 

After the device captures the image, it presents the information in a slideshow format, with close ups of areas that needs correction. These results are rated on a severity scale that take only seconds to complete.

What Issues Are Pointed Out?

The HiMirror brings attention to areas that need immediate attention to areas that areas that need improvement over time. Results include blackheads, whiteheads, broken capillaries, wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, under-eye circles, and areas of skin discoloration.

How Can Skincare Professionals Benefit from HiMirror?

Professional estheticians will love having the new HiMirror in their arsenal of skin treatment tools. This high tech invention enables professionals to provide clients a thorough explanation of their skin condition. Instead of trying to convince clients on specific treatments that are needed, the client can see for themselves. Another benefit to skincare professionals is the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment from one appointment to another. Clients will be able to see improvements firsthand.