Struggling with oily eyelids? You’re not alone. An overproduction of sebum on the delicate skin of your lids can be caused by several factors, such as stress, environmental changes, or genetics. Not only do shiny eyelids appear unappealing, they can cause your makeup to quickly fade or smear right after application. While you can’t change your skin, you can better manage the oiliness.

Apply Eye Cream at Night

Eye cream should be applied around the eye area, but not directly on the lids. The richness of the cream helps to create a balance of moisture, preventing oil from building up on the lids. Opt for an oil-free, lightweight eye cream and only apply at night.

Wipe Down Your Lids

Before applying makeup, gently wipe down your eyelids to remove any excess oil. Use a basic oil-free eye makeup remover on a cotton ball or Q-tip.

Opt for Powder Foundation Over Liquid

Liquid foundations and concealers can result in even more oily eyelids. They can also cause visible creases that ruin your look. To help keep your eyelids dry throughout the day, opt for a powder or mineral foundation.

Use Blotting Sheets on the Run

Keep blotting sheets in your wallet or purse, and pat down your eyelids when they begin to feel oily. Blotting sheets can also be used before putting on makeup.

Set Your Eyeliner

If you suffer from oil eyelids, you may find it nearly impossible to wear eyeliner with success. Fortunately, you can help your eyeliner stay put longer with the help of translucent powder. After eyeliner, simply apply the powder to the eyeliner line to set it.

Oily eyelids are a common problem, but the solutions are simple. With a little preparation and oil management, you can keep your eyelids virtually oil-free and your makeup nearly flawless.