Whiter teeth give you much more than just a beautiful smile. After you’ve had your teeth whitened, you’ll likely find that you feel more confident, able to participate more easily in activities involving other people, and that others respond more favorably to you when you do smile. Here are some tips to get and keep whiter looking teeth.

Methods to Whiter Teeth

tooth-whitening-stripsThere are lots of over the counter teeth whitening products on the market now. For best results, choose one that works with your personal taste and lifestyle. Whitening toothpaste works slowly over a long period of time. It also might not have that minty taste that make toothpaste so tolerable. If you’re in a hurry for whiter teeth, choose a different option.

Whitening teeth strips work faster than whitening toothpaste, but they can be awkward to apply and wear. They usually have to stay on for at least 10 minutes. During that time you won’t be able to answer your phone, speak to your family or eat or drink. Many people apply whitening strips on just before they enter the shower, which makes the time pass faster.

Your dentist can make your teeth look dazzling white in an hour or so. This method is more expensive than other options, and requires taking time off work for the appointment, but the results will be superior to any other process.

Keeping Teeth White

Now that your teeth look amazing, take some of these precautions to keep them looking that way.

Brush and Floss Diligently

flossing-your-teeth-woman-with-curly-hairThe most basic thing you to do to keep that whiter smile is to brush and floss diligently after each meal. This will keep food from getting caught between your teeth, and help prevent staining.

Use a Straw

A lot of beverages can stain your newly whitened teeth. Whenever you drink things like tea, fruit smoothies, green smoothies and coffee, use a straw. This way, the beverage goes right past your teeth without having a chance to discolor them.

Avoid Cigarettes

If you smoke, you know that after you’ve finished, the white filter isn’t white anymore. The tar and nicotine in the cigarette is very bad on teeth, and contributes to that yellow, stained appearance that smokers get. There are two things you can do. Using an extended filter can help keep your teeth from getting stained. Or, you can switch to e-cigarettes, which so far don’t show evidence of staining teeth.

Use these tips to get and maintain your beautiful white teeth!