Ever wondered how the best hairdressers maintain their good looks? Celebrity hairstylist, TV personality & expert entrepreneur Tabatha Coffey can offer some insight. With almost 40 years of experience behind the chair, Tabatha knows the ins & outs of what you should be treating your hair with. When she spoke to Taylor Burke, host of Vagaro’s On Point podcast, Tabatha shared what products are currently in her shower. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your shower selections! 

1. K18

While not a shower-specific product, Tabatha said, “I use [this] all the time. It’s a great strengthening product for hair.” Designed to rebuild and strengthen hair from damage without weighing hair down, K18 makes hair healthy, bouncy and soft. Unlike other products targeted toward specific hair types, K18 works with any hair type because it’s designed to work its magic on a molecular level. Tabatha recommends applying it to damp hair before blow-drying or air-drying. 

2. Joico K-Pak

Designed to repair damaged hair, the K-Pak collection from Joico restores, strengthens & protects hair from breakage. This product is great for revitalizing your hair, bringing back its health and shine.  

3. Matrix Violet Shampoo

It’s said that blondes have more fun. But upkeeping that mane requires the right products. Designed specifically for blonde and silver hair, the Matrix Violet Shampoo brightens hair and elevates color by adding tonal complexity. As Tabatha says, the shampoo “is delicious and keeps me nice and blonde!” Say goodbye to yellow or brassy tones and embrace the joy of being “true” blonde. 

4. Keratin Complex

Tabatha’s signature look is short, smooth & sleek. So, it’s no surprise to learn that she keeps Keratin Complex, a smoothing treatment as part of her haircare routine. But with her busy schedule, this product is a surefire way to keep her hair frizz-free and as iconic as always. 

Instead of using the same exact products, Tabatha keeps “a little cocktail” of products in her shower. She said, “Every day, we need something a little different.” She tailors her use of products based on what her hair needs that day, whether it’s a little extra strength or a bit more bounce. 

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