In the age of rampant Google searches and WebMD, everyone solves their own skin care issues. You type in a list of symptoms or concerns and…Voila! It spits out a list of possible solutions.

The internet is genius, but it has its limitations.

For instance, imagine that you are a person of color who has sensitive skin, but also wants some anti-aging benefits. How do you address all the unique needs of your skin without using a million different products (and possibly having irritation and other undesirable reactions)? Guessing or trial and error are both options.

Luckily, you can accomplish this more easily by seeing a professional esthetician for personalized skin care advice.

What is an Esthetician?

An esthetician (or aesthetician) is a licensed health and wellness professional who has advanced knowledge in beauty and skin care. This person is specially trained in performing a variety of treatments and procedures that not only address troublesome skin care problems, but also promotes healthier, more radiant skin in the process. These professionals work with clients to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, alleviate acne breakouts, and even out and smooth complexion issues.

Estheticians may do the following treatments:

  • acne treatments
  • body scrubs
  • chemical peels
  • facial massages
  • facials
  • hair removal (waxing, threading, and chemical treatments)
  • laser resurfacing
  • makeup applications
  • microdermabrasion

Reasons to See an Esthetician for Personalized Skin Care Advice

In addition to providing a variety of skin care treatment and procedures, estheticians also offer personalized skin care consultations. Here are just a few advantages of getting a personalized consultation:

Say “goodbye” to product overwhelm. You can’t figure out which products are best for your skin. Perhaps they work okay for a while and then lose their effectiveness. An esthetician can do the work for you in selecting the products that best suit your skin.

Figure out crazy skin issues. If you have a mixture of skin types or a variety of skin issues, an esthetician can design an individualized plan using custom skin care products that address your skin’s every need.

Wear less makeup. Many people with troublesome skin use makeup to cover problems they can’t seem to resolve. When you have your skin evaluated by an esthetician, this professional will recommend the best products and regimens to help you get clearer more youthful-looking skin. With clearer skin, you can wear less makeup!

Everyone’s skin is different. That’s why everyone deserves a one-on-one skin care consultation with a professional who understands how to keep skin looking healthy and gorgeous.