Shelby and Candace on the Iconic Pop Set

iconic.pop – What is Iconic? 

Catch iconic.pop, a new web series from Vagaro covering pop culture and all things iconic.22, Vagaro’s conference for the beauty, fitness & wellness industries, to be held in San Francisco this September 25–26.

How Vagaro Helped This UK Barber Make a Career Switch 

It’s a near-universal takeaway from an old story: taking a prescribed career path (college, internship, job) no matter how safe it seems or how much comfort it affords, can leave us feeling unfulfilled, bored or creatively stifled.  Vagaro’s software has helped many people shift careers,…

How to Reduce No-Shows, Late Fees & Cancellations 

It’s inevitable. Every business owner will eventually feel the sting of a client no-show or last-minute cancellation. Things come up and life happens. But for appointment-based businesses, one client cancellation can mean a major hit to your bottom line. So, having a solid cancellation policy…

Vagaro Iconic Conference 2022 

Vagaro is excited to announce our first annual Iconic Conference in 2022! This promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike in the beauty, wellness & fitness industries.   Gold medalist, best-selling author, and fitness icon, Venus Williams will be the special guest…

A woman looking at her hairline and appearing alarmed

What is Alopecia Areata Anyway? 

In light of recent questionable pop culture happenings, we thought we’d shed some light on the condition behind the smack heard ‘round the world. With 6.8 million people in the U.S. having been diagnosed with alopecia, it’s a good idea to brush up on some…

How Gender Neutrality Can Help Your Business 

In recent years, a new culture of beauty has bloomed, and it’s grown into a rich garden of diversity & inclusivity. The beauty industry is saying goodbye to the Eurocentric standard of beauty—tall, young, thin, blonde, and blue eyed—and hello to present-day values of inclusion….