Group of yoga practitioners at Glo yoga

Ways to Grow Your Yoga Business 

As a booking & business management software for the beauty, wellness and fitness industries, Vagaro is attuned to the needs of its customers, particularly those in the yoga community.  Community really is the best word to use when describing this industry. The relationships that form…

Woman looking at her business's growth growth data

6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Spa Business 

“Vagaro is completely vital in the job it does here. Without it, we’re all walking around blindly.”    These are the words of Dipali Patel, owner of The River Spa, an oasis of tranquility & wellness located in London’s Pinner neighborhood.   Patel does not operate blindly,…

Shelby and Candace on the Iconic Pop Set

iconic.pop – What is Iconic? 

Catch iconic.pop, a new web series from Vagaro covering pop culture and all things iconic.22, Vagaro’s conference for the beauty, fitness & wellness industries, to be held in San Francisco this September 25–26.

How Vagaro Helped This UK Barber Make a Career Switch 

It’s a near-universal takeaway from an old story: taking a prescribed career path (college, internship, job) no matter how safe it seems or how much comfort it affords, can leave us feeling unfulfilled, bored or creatively stifled.  Vagaro’s software has helped many people shift careers,…

Meraki salon storefront in MIlton Keynes England

Q&A With Meraki: Salon Sparks Love, Soul & Creativity 

Nicholas Maple and Chenelle Farmer share their journey from being booth renters and mobile stylists to opening Meraki, their salon in Stony Stratford, England. “We’re in a fantastic new world now where being a business owner is a lot more achievable than it was in previous generations,” said Maple.

Women leading a livestream

The Benefits of Social Selling 

The beauty and wellness industry has adapted swiftly to life in the digital age. Has your marketing kept up? Beauty and wellness consumers are turning to online spaces, particularly social media, to learn about products, services, and trends. Social media marketing has never been more…

Storefront window of Inked NYC Tattoo Studio in New York City

Inked NYC Q&A With Vagaro 

Inked NYC is the Manhattan-based tattoo studio and gallery established by Inked Magazine, the world’s top publication for music, fashion, art, sports, and everything else connected to the lifestyle of the tattooed. Inked also runs the Empire State Tattoo Expo, one of the largest tattoo…

How to Reduce No-Shows, Late Fees & Cancellations 

It’s inevitable. Every business owner will eventually feel the sting of a client no-show or last-minute cancellation. Things come up and life happens. But for appointment-based businesses, one client cancellation can mean a major hit to your bottom line. So, having a solid cancellation policy…