Shelby and Candace on the Iconic Pop Set

iconic.pop – What is Iconic? 

Catch iconic.pop, a new web series from Vagaro covering pop culture and all things iconic.22, Vagaro’s conference for the beauty, fitness & wellness industries, to be held in San Francisco this September 25–26.

Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey to Speak at iconic.22 Conference 

Vagaro’s iconic.22 conference this September features many big name speakers, but beauty professionals in the audience will be particularly excited to see Tabatha Coffey. Coffey first became iconic as a contestant in the Bravo reality show “Shear Genius.” Her blunt demeanor and intensity so impressed…

Women leading a livestream

The Benefits of Social Selling 

The beauty and wellness industry has adapted swiftly to life in the digital age. Has your marketing kept up? Beauty and wellness consumers are turning to online spaces, particularly social media, to learn about products, services, and trends. Social media marketing has never been more…

John Hallberg from The Salon Business

John Hallberg to Speak at iconic.22 Conference 

As Vagaro’s first user conference approaches, there has been a lot of buzz about the speakers at iconic.22. Celebrities like Venus Williams, Tabatha Coffey and Luka Hocevar will share their personal stories about becoming icons in beauty, fitness and wellness, as well as offering advice…

How to Reduce No-Shows, Late Fees & Cancellations 

It’s inevitable. Every business owner will eventually feel the sting of a client no-show or last-minute cancellation. Things come up and life happens. But for appointment-based businesses, one client cancellation can mean a major hit to your bottom line. So, having a solid cancellation policy…

Vagaro Iconic Conference 2022 

Vagaro is excited to announce our first annual Iconic Conference in 2022! This promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike in the beauty, wellness & fitness industries.   Gold medalist, best-selling author, and fitness icon, Venus Williams will be the special guest…

Fitness For All: Shapes, Ethnicities & Ages 

In the 1980s, the American fitness industry saw an explosion in popularity as aerobics quickly became the trend of the decade. Fitness influencers like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda led the way with fun & exciting workout routines. Big muscle-action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger also played…

Discovering Strength at Marisa Allen Fitness 

Marisa Allen, a personal trainer based in Houston, knows that looking great isn’t what motivates her clients to push through burn and fatigue with her week after week. What does? The incredible feeling that newfound strength brings.  

“When their focus shifts from chasing a number on a scale to feeling strong and healthy, I know they’ll hit their goals,” Allen said.