Shelby and Candace on the Iconic Pop Set

iconic.pop – What is Iconic? 

Catch iconic.pop, a new web series from Vagaro covering pop culture and all things iconic.22, Vagaro’s conference for the beauty, fitness & wellness industries, to be held in San Francisco this September 25–26.

Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey to Speak at iconic.22 Conference 

Vagaro’s iconic.22 conference this September features many big name speakers, but beauty professionals in the audience will be particularly excited to see Tabatha Coffey. Coffey first became iconic as a contestant in the Bravo reality show “Shear Genius.” Her blunt demeanor and intensity so impressed…

Meraki salon storefront in MIlton Keynes England

Q&A With Meraki: Salon Sparks Love, Soul & Creativity 

Nicholas Maple and Chenelle Farmer share their journey from being booth renters and mobile stylists to opening Meraki, their salon in Stony Stratford, England. “We’re in a fantastic new world now where being a business owner is a lot more achievable than it was in previous generations,” said Maple.

How to Reduce No-Shows, Late Fees & Cancellations 

It’s inevitable. Every business owner will eventually feel the sting of a client no-show or last-minute cancellation. Things come up and life happens. But for appointment-based businesses, one client cancellation can mean a major hit to your bottom line. So, having a solid cancellation policy…

Vagaro Iconic Conference 2022 

Vagaro is excited to announce our first annual Iconic Conference in 2022! This promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike in the beauty, wellness & fitness industries.   Gold medalist, best-selling author, and fitness icon, Venus Williams will be the special guest…

How Gender Neutrality Can Help Your Business 

In recent years, a new culture of beauty has bloomed, and it’s grown into a rich garden of diversity & inclusivity. The beauty industry is saying goodbye to the Eurocentric standard of beauty—tall, young, thin, blonde, and blue eyed—and hello to present-day values of inclusion….

Young woman in virtual reality glasses

Salons in the Metaverse 

Imagine a crowd of avatars walking around in a virtual space as they explore and look for things to do. They see your logo on a huge virtual billboard and walk into your digital shop. They’re able to browse through galleries of your work, try…

Vagaro founder and CEO Fred Helou

Fred Helou Speaks at The Data-Driven Salon Summit 

Given the right software and a roadmap for success, salons can succeed through anything—even a global public health crisis. Fred Helou, founder and CEO of Vagaro Inc., drove that point home at the 2021 Data-Driven Salon Summit in Rosemont, Illinois.  Presented by Salon Today, the yearly…