Entrepreneurs embody the promise that lies at the heart of America—that if you have a good idea and work hard enough, the American dream is within your reach. 

– Former President Barack Obama 

History of National Entrepreneurs’ Week 

This quote is from the 2010 Presidential Proclamation from former President Barack Obama, declaring November 14—20th National Entrepreneurs’ Week. And, in honor of those who innovate and create new jobs and businesses, we celebrate November 16, 2021, as National Entrepreneurs’ Day.  

Entrepreneurism is important because it helps stimulate wealth for the economy through employment opportunities, not only for the business owners, but as well as other businesses. Entrepreneurs also help inspire change and innovation, creating new and improved services and products for consumers. 

And in recent years, there has been an influx of new business owners, with the majority being African American women.  

64% of new women-owned businesses were started by women of color in 2020.


Anysa Miller, Business Owner of Anysa Artistry

The Entrepreneur 

Make-up artist Anysa Miller is creating a name for herself in the beauty industry with stunning artistic makeup designs. She’s inspired to grow her brand, Anysa Artistry and recently launched her online business in August, 2021.  

As an African American woman, Anysa is proud to join a lineage of other black businesswomen in the beauty industry, such as Madame CJ Walker (hairstylist) Beauty Bakerie, founded by Cashmere Nicole. Like most entrepreneurs, Anysa juggles a full-time job while also working on her business. “It’s a sacrifice of time, but well worth the opportunity being able to say I’m my own boss.” 

To help her business glow up, she chose a software that provided the essential tools to manage and market her business.  

“I wanted more than a scheduling app. I also needed help building a website. It’s great that Vagaro does all of that!” 


With the help of Vagaro, Anysa is in pursuit of making her beauty mark on the business world. 

How to Celebrate Entrepreneurs 

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Entrepreneurs’ Day. One way is to go out and support a business owner in your community. The Vagaro app makes this easy by logging on, and checking out local featured businesses. 

Business owners, too, can get involved by giving advice to other entrepreneurs by hosting tutorials via Vagaro’s Live Stream service. Also, through the Vagaro Pro app, a business owner can send thank-you notes to customers as a show of appreciation. Social media is another great way to celebrate. Give a shout-out, post images or tag your favorite entrepreneur in your story to help spotlight their business. And, add the hashtag, #EntrepreneursDay to really spread the word. 


Vagaro offers many integrations that can help drive bookings to your business

Every day is an opportunity to support new businesses, but the best time is during National Entrepreneurs’ Week. Either way, honoring those who innovate our world and help grow our economy is a win-win. Cheers to all of you who make it happen!