Many in the beauty, wellness and fitness industries managed not only to survive but thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a creative blend of classes onsite, virtually or through some combination of the two. If there’s a class you can think of, chances are that there’s a market for it.

Of course, doubling the number of classes that you offer likely means increasing staff and extending your hours of operation to keep up with consumer demand. That’s a lot to keep track of, especially when considering cancellations, rescheduling and waitlist changes.

Vagaro’s new Class Search & Reschedule feature makes searching for available classes easier, gives the option to reschedule clients at different times and with different providers as needed, and enables you to place clients on waitlists with multiple service and class providers.

Capability like that can help salons, spas, gyms and fitness centers juggle quite a few unique classes and services. Let’s take a look at some, mainstream and niche, that you should definitely consider adding to your schedule.

Makeup is applied to a woman's face with an airbrushVirtually Beautiful

Many hair stylists and aestheticians have stepped into the roles of beauty consultant and product advisor during the pandemic by offering virtual consultations and 1:1 tutorials for hair coloring, maintenance cuts, skin care, nails and many other services.

Have you been thinking about finally running virtual manicure parties? Some heavy hitters in the industry have been doing it for a while now. Is one of your stylists a budding influencer who wants to run seminars dedicated to seasonal makeup trends? Now is the time. Is there demand for virtual aroma therapy seminars and baby massage certification? Yes.

Virtual brow shaping, FaceTime facials, airbrush appliance classes for brides—these are all effective ways to increase revenue, build relationships and bolster your brand. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it.

A woman meets online for a beauty consultationFrom One “Pro” to Another

The virtual 1:1 tutorials, consultations and livestreamed classes mentioned above are often bundled into beauty and wellness kits. Packaging and selling beauty kits for hair, skin and nails continues to be a fantastic way for salons and spas to capitalize on the growing number of prosumers. These DIY-savvy influencers turn their fresh look into fresh content for their social media channels, where they typically give generous shout-outs to the industry expert—that’s you—who helped them.

What you can package depends on your specialty and the products you sell. Kits we’ve seen run the gamut from hair coloring, mani/pedis and facials to micro peels and dermaplaning. The demand for these is expected to increase, and consumers need your expertise and guidance.

A woman takes a yoga using a tabletFitness, Wherever and Whenever

Studies show that people have made exercise a top priority since the onset of COVID-19. They’ve been able to stick to their fitness goals thanks to pre-recorded videos, livestreamed classes, remote 1:1 personal training sessions and various hybrid experiences. According to many publications, these are probably here to stay.

Virtual and hybrid fitness offers a wide variety of classes at varying skill levels to reach every audience. Vagaro’s livestream feature made it easy for business owners like Stevie Lynn, of Stevie Lynn Pilates in La Presa, California, to take advantage of the trend last year. Successful businesses like Stevie’s combine a strong lineup of livestreamed and in-person classes with a robust library of pre-recorded content and 1:1 instructor access.

An instructor leads a fitness and wellness classWhat other virtual and hybrid classes can you offer? Whatever there’s a demand for that doesn’t require too much equipment and falls somewhere in your wheel house. Momnipotent Fitness, in New York City, specializes in prenatal and postpartum exercise modalities for mothers. Barre workouts definitely rose in popularity during the pandemic. Then there’s aerial yoga, burlesque chair dance, jumping fitness and SHiNE workouts.

Oh, and we’d be remiss not to mention facial fitness training, which has really taken off.

Creative Callouts

We’d like to call out a few businesses who have flexed their creative muscles in finding new ways to get their clients to flex—and relax—their actual muscles.

A trainer works with his client next to a mobile fitness truckThe trainers at Star Method Boxing in Walnut Creek, California, have figured out how to bring the fight to their clients with their unique mobile boxing studio. This gym-on-wheels features an attached heavy bag, battle rope, air bike and TRX, as well as strength equipment and a retail shop.

Over in the Bay, the water bike classes at SpinOut Fitness combine fresh air, ocean breeze and plenty of socially distanced burn. Clients get all the benefits of cycling away from San Francisco’s busy streets—without leaving the city.

Over in Nashville, Tennessee, Music City Mancave continues to prove that the modern man shouldn’t suffer gnarly hands and feet. Their treatments go beyond the cuticles to include full foot detox, reflexology massages, and—well, just have a look. Luxury men’s grooming, indeed.

Inspired? We definitely are.

Adding a bevy of fresh, new classes onto a dynamic digital and hybrid platform should be exciting, not scary. If you haven’t already, make use of Vagaro’s in-house Class Search & Scheduling feature,  which takes the hassle out of searching for classes, rescheduling clients and managing waitlists. Then, call a meeting with staff or some trusted colleagues and start brainstorming. There’s almost no limit to what you can offer.