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Shape & Style: Lash Extensions 

Deciding on your style for lash extensions? The options may sound overwhelming but remember: Your lash specialist will help you decide which length, thickness, curl, and lash style that gives you the look you want with an upkeep schedule that matches your lifestyle. Choose a…

Beauty, Fashion

Get Some New Bling on International Body Piercing Day! 

June 28 is International Body Piercing Day! Did you know that globally, body modifications (such as piercing and tattooing) are a long-standing tradition? In the US, there’s still a cultural stereotype of piercing as a modern phenomenon. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Body piercing has been around for a long time. Modern standards just make it easier and safer to decorate yourself with a new piercing!


Is Intermittent Fasting Legit? 

Chances are you have heard someone talk about intermittent fasting, but have you really stopped to learn about it? At first, it sounds intimidating, and you know you could never handle it because you need to eat regularly. However, when you learn about what intermittent…