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We Asked—You Answered! Here’s What Vagaro Businesses Have to Say About Outdoor Services 

As we adapt our professional lives under the shadow of COVID-19, many states have adjusted professional licensing requirements to include exemptions for working outdoors, offsite, or in mobile salons. This allows stylists more ways to work—but how practical are they? We decided to come straight to the people who know the profession best: our Vagaro businesses! Here’s what professionals just like you have to say about working offsite, outdoors, or from a mobile salon.

Business, COVID-19

8 Live Stream Classes and Services to Combat Fatigue 

Are you exhausted by social distancing? Burned out from too many Zoom calls? For most of 2020, COVID-19 has drastically changed lifestyles around the globe, keeping us distant from our friends, family, and our old routines. The result is a global fatigue with “the new normal.” After what seems like a lifetime, we’re still staying home as often as we can and missing our daily activities. The world has never experienced a pandemic of this magnitude in recent history, so it’s completely normal if you find yourself in a funk – you’re not alone! If you’re feeling more anxious, irritable, unmotivated, or more stressed than usual- this post is for you as you may be experiencing Coronavirus Fatigue.

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How to Ease Customer Anxiety After Reopening 

You’re ready for reopening—but are your customers? You’ve put in a lot of hard work and thought to make it safe to reopen and to get your staff ready for your new way of working. But even with every protection in place, some of your customers may not be ready to come in just yet. Here’s how to welcome skittish customers back and put their minds at ease when they’re in your business.