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How to Connect With Clients as a Personal Trainer 

The way we interact with one another has changed, not just due to COVID-19, but advancements in technology in general. Personal trainers have been among the many business owners to adapt to the modern age, creating online classes for their clients in addition to in-person training. But there’s a fundamental part of being a personal trainer that’s worth more than any physical product — YOU. People workout because they want to get in shape or maintain their health, but it’s your relationship with them that keeps them loyal.

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Incorporate National Health Education Week Into Your Business 

Started by the SOPHE in 1995, National Health Education Week (NHEW) has been instrumental in raising awareness regarding health issues for over 20 years. The third week of October is dedicated to better understanding healthier living, both mentally and physically. From October 19-23, 2020, make a plan to incorporate NHEW into your business and attract new clients through education.


Get Inspired for National Coaches Day 2020 

October 6 is recognized as National Coaches Day, acknowledging the inspirational sports figures in our communities. Over time, the word “coach” has evolved into a broader term, which now includes life coaches and fitness instructors. Coaches are excellent motivators, and the exceptional ones know how to bring out the potential of their students. This year, spend the day celebrating a coach who’s affected you in a positive way.

COVID-19, Fitness, Wellness

Keep Your Skills Sharp or Start a New Career with Online Education 

National Online Learning Day, observed on September 15, honors America’s online learning communities – which is especially important in 2020! This national day originated to celebrate the accessibility, personalization, and convenience of online learning. This year, COVID-19 has prompted many schools – to take the classroom online, expanding the horizon of possibility. Here’s how beauty and fitness professionals can go online to renew, expand, and keep their skill set up to date.