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Why Your Mental Health Matters for Your Business 

Hey, how are you feeling today?   This is probably a question you ask your customers daily, but how often do you check in with yourself? As a business owner, juggling the needs of staff and customers can be overwhelming, and may leave you feeling physically and mentally wiped out.   In fact, studies have shown that 62% of business owners feel depressed at…

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How to Safely Schedule for Salon and Spa After a COVID-19 Closure 

Great news—your state has set a date for your salon or spa to reopen! There are a lot of changes to navigate, and one of the biggest is how you schedule appointments. For the beauty industry, time management is always important, but even more so after your reopening. Not only will you need to figure out how many staff and clients can safely be in your business at once, but you’ll need to figure out how to build in buffer times for disinfection. Let’s look at some easy ways for you to create a schedule that works for your employees and clients, while protecting their health!

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Email and Text Marketing: Which is Better for Your Campaign? 

With Vagaro, email marketing and text marketing come together in one, easy-to-use system that gives you all the tools you need to market smart. Here are the respective benefits and disadvantages of text and email marketing, and how to know which platform is best suited to your message to get the most return on your investment.

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Try This: Creating an Undone Wave Look with Haley 

Summer Festival Style Hack: Undone Waves One of the most popular, effortlessly-cool summer festival looks is the undone wave. Easy texture, length, and volume come together for a stylish-without-trying hair style that’s easy to create and maintain, whether you’re outdoors enjoying music, the beach, or…