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How to Keep Your Summer Tan 

We are all sad to see the summer go now that it’s officially autumn. No more laying out, enjoying the sunshine and summer breeze. Thankfully, although you can’t keep winter from coming, you can hang on to your summer tan for as long as possible by using the…


Why Have My Skincare Products Stop Working? 

Has your once-effective skincare product stop working? There could be many reasons behind this problem. While your skin doesn’t build up an immunity to skin care products over time, changes in skin type, expired products, and various other factors can cause skincare products to gradually…


Wrinkle Prevention 101 

Do you stalk your mirror incessantly searching for those pesky little lines? Besides the growing candles on your birthday cakes, wrinkles are one of the most undesirable signs of aging. Skin becomes less elastic and thinner, causing an onslaught of folds and lines around the…