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6 Pro Tips to Enhance Your Vagaro Online Presence 

Are you looking for a boost in booking? Have you noticed you’re not getting as much traffic to your profile or business lately? It could be because you haven’t yet fully utilized all the awesome Vagaro features to their fullest potential.    As for the newcomers of the Vagaro platform, follow these helpful tips to ensure you get your profile off to a running start and keep your…

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How to Ease Customer Anxiety After Reopening 

You’re ready for reopening—but are your customers? You’ve put in a lot of hard work and thought to make it safe to reopen and to get your staff ready for your new way of working. But even with every protection in place, some of your customers may not be ready to come in just yet. Here’s how to welcome skittish customers back and put their minds at ease when they’re in your business.

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Email and Text Marketing: Which is Better for Your Campaign? 

With Vagaro, email marketing and text marketing come together in one, easy-to-use system that gives you all the tools you need to market smart. Here are the respective benefits and disadvantages of text and email marketing, and how to know which platform is best suited to your message to get the most return on your investment.

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How to Prepare Your Salon Clients for Annual Price Increases—And Stay Busier Than Ever 

Many stylists and salon professionals are hesitant to raise prices, fearing that their client base will disappear with a price increase. But small, regular price increases let stylists, barbers and salon professionals stay on top of finances and avoid racking up debt. Learn how a salon price raise can help your salon without impacting your client base. Includes tips for prepping clients for a price raise and templates for email, text, and social media marketing.