Heels may be chic, but you can’t deny that sometimes they hurt your feet. The ensuing blisters can make walking uncomfortable for days. If you plan on dressing up, whether for a date, a big work meeting, or a night out with the girls, you don’t necessarily have to wear those wedge sandals or pumps. You can still look good (and be comfy too!) by rocking a pair of sneakers with your favorite dresses instead. How, you ask? Here’s a few adorb dress/sneaker combos to get you started.

1. A Colorful Dress That Matches a Detail on the Sneaker — Don’t get too matchy-matchy. However, if you have a colorful red dress for example, you can easily pair it with a white pair of sneakers with a red stripe or red detailing. The shoes stand out, but because they share the same color, they look like they naturally belong with the dress.

2. A Leather Dress with Slip-Ons — Seriously, is there anything easier in terms of footwear than a slip-on shoe? It’s like a more comfortable flat. A leather dress, especially if it’s shorter, looks especially good with a black pair of slip-ons. If you want to go the Spice Girls route and wear a shoe with a huge rubber platform, go for it! It will just make this look even more unforgettable.


3. A Floral Dress with Earth-Colored Sneakers — Floral dresses are timeless, and you probably have one hanging in your closet already. Whether yours is short-sleeved or sleeveless, with big flowers or with little ones, try wearing it with a pair of earth-colored sneakers. Greens, tans, and beiges should look effortlessly chic.

4. A Cocktail Dress with Embellished Sneakers — Bedazzled sneakers are a great way to make a fashion statement while still sparing your feet. If you have an event coming up that calls for a cocktail dress, a pair of embellished sneakers will add some instant class. Try getting shoes covered in velvet, with a snakeskin pattern, or with spikes and studs.

5. A Spring Dress with Canvas Sneakers — Usher in the beauty and warmth of spring with a pair of simple canvas sneakers. These go surprisingly well with most spring dresses, including flare dresses. You can choose any canvas color you want, but blue, black, white, beige, and blush pink are especially good choices for spring.