Most stars want to glow at big events, but some have been taking it literally.

For instance, there was Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls as well as pop stars Katy Perry and Fergie who donned dresses to various red-carpet events that lit up via brilliantly-colored LED lights.

These women all have CuteCircuit to thank for their futuristic fashions.

What Is CuteCircuit?

CuteCircuit is the brainchild of Francesa Rosella, a fashion designer based out of Italy. She always dreamed of using electroluminescent threads in evening gowns that could “light up in reaction to the wearer’s movement,” yet in the mid-2000s, the idea was deemed too risky.

No fashion brands would bite, but Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (in Milan, Italy) student Ryan Genz was interested. The two joined together in 2004, and CuteCircuit was born.

Photo by @cutecircuit

The Growth of the Brand

It wasn’t always easy. CuteCircuit was unparalleled at the time, and in its infancy, it didn’t make much money. In fact, it took nearly a decade for CuteCircuit to take off. The company finally ended a year in the black instead of in the red just last year, so the success of Rosella and Genz is a long time coming.

Now, wearable technology is common, and the industry is worth an estimated $5.8 billion according to Forbes. CuteCircuit has counted its most recent clients among U2, Fergie, and Irina Shayk, a supermodel.

The company’s most notable creations include the Galaxy Dress, which has the distinction of being the biggest LED dress of its kind, as well as a unique haptic shirt called the Hug Shirt.

The Future

In the future, CuteCircuit plans on expanding its available products even further. This year, they introduced light-up Mirror Handbags. These are far from cheap, as a single bag is valued at about $2,200. The price is certainly worth it to some, though, because each time you post a tweet on Twitter on your mobile device, that tweet will appear on the bag.

Photo by @cutecircuit

There’s also LED tuxedos (the collars light up!) and a silk chiffon dress also bedazzled with Micro-LEDs that can be charged for hours of continuous use.

As you can imagine, these unique garments cost a pretty penny. The cheapest item from CuteCircuit retails for about $280, and the most expensive is somewhere in the $6,000+ range. Still, that’s the price you pay for being on the cutting edge of fashion.


Header photo by @cutecircuit on Instagram