As we watched the runway in anticipation for Spring and Summer 2017, we saw a lot of designers flaunting the ankle boot. Here are some trends you might want to add to your collection for this upcoming season.


Designers like Celine were showing off skin colored boots that were fairly simple in design. Camel and other warm neutral hues are popular for footwear this spring and summer. Marni took a slightly grey nude and transformed the bootie into a kind of pointy-toed, chunky-heeled sandal. Nude is a great shoe color because of its versatility. It has been a spring favorite for several years and we are loving the spins put on the nude booties this year.

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80’s Ruffled

Many designers were taking some pretty obvious cues from the 80’s in their design inspiration for this spring and summer season. The ruffled bootie is one example of a throwback that just screams 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink. Emilio Pucci and J. W. Anderson Boots both offer styles that are currently sold out. Do you think you can pull off that much flare on your feet?

Prints and Color

With the 80’s calling out to designers this year, you can expect some wild and funky prints in the mix. Emilio Pucci offered a very bold bootie in a popping print that is sure to turn some heads. Giorgio Armani skipped the print and went to boldly colored bootie cutouts that were just as bold and eye-catching. And Fendi showed off a bold bootie that had a brightly striped athletic design for the ultimate futuristic throwback approach.

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Chunky Heels

There was definitely a common factor of chunky heels for booties in 2017 designs. Gucci utilized a platform approach for their chunky buckled bootie. Marc Jacobs used a very chunky heel paired with a platform approach that was very reminiscent of the disco days. Meanwhile, the heel for Arthur Arbesser’s runway boot was much lower and the shoe profile was much more angular in its boxy shape, vertical stripes and lace-up design.

Be bold with your choice in footwear for this season! There is a lot of fun and fresh going on in the foot department, so try adding something that stretches your comfort zone a bit and have some fun!