You don’t have to kiss your fashion-forward style goodbye just because the temperature plummets. In fact, the accessories you need to wear in order to keep warm during the frigid days and nights of winter can themselves make a fashion statement.

Why Your Accessories Make the Fashion Statement

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Your go-to winter coat is something you will likely wear most days of the week. Your winter work attire, such as sweaters and work pants and skirts are much the same. These pieces will get plenty of wear throughout the winter. Therefore, you should remain more conservative on those key items. Instead, let your accessories make a bold fashion statement for you. Not only is it more cost-effective to have a wide variety of accessories, but you can remove accessories once you are indoors, allowing you to adhere to dress codes, while still showing your fashionista personality a bit.


Gloves fulfill the practical need of keeping your hands warm, but they can also be used to make a fashion statement. According to an InStyle article, you can choose to go with faux fur mittens, multi-colored faux fur cuffs or even fringe leather gloves, all of which communicate a different, yet equally fun fashion statement.


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Boots are another easy way to up your fashion game during the winter. You can have different boots for each day of the week, with some being more boldly colored and others being more subdued. Pair them with a dress or skirt even in the winter by wearing thick socks and tights underneath your outfit. Celebrity stylist Miranda Almon recommends you go up half a size when purchasing winter boots in order to allow for those extra layers.

Scarves/ Toboggans/Hats

You can easily change your whole look and make a significant fashion statement by pairing basic wardrobe pieces with boldly patterned or bright scarves and matching hats or toboggans. According to InStyle, the sky’s the limit here, you can wear everything from a multi-colored pom scarf with a hat to match to a silk scarf and everything in between. Thankfully, these accessories are affordable enough to change it up on a regular basis.