White jeans are a wardrobe staple year-round. Add layers in the winter to stay warm and cozy, or sport a tank top and accessories to appear fresh and stylish in the summer. No matter the season, white jeans can add instant flair to any ensemble. Here are a few fun ways to wear white jeans.


1. With Dark Wash Denim

Achieve a classic street style by pairing your white skinny jeans with a dark wash denim jacket. Underneath the jacket, wear a simple t-shirt or tank. Complete the look with a pair of comfy flats.

2. With a Pastel Sweater

It can be difficult to find pants that really complement a pastel-colored top. For a bright and airy spring outfit, pair your white jeans with a light, pastel-colored sweater. Create contrast by carrying a dark-colored bag.

3. With a Dressy Tank Top

Create a simple summer look by wearing your white jeans with a dressy tank top. Opt for a slinky tank top with visual interest, such as sequin detailing. Roll up the cuffs of your jeans to just above the ankle and slip on a pair of strappy heels.


4. With a Slouchy Print Blouse

Perfect for the office, a white pair of jeans goes well with a slouchy print blouse. This relaxed daytime look can be dressed up with a pair of neutral booties.

5. With a Floral Cardigan

White jeans and floral patterns mesh well. For this outfit idea, pair your white jeans with a sophisticated floral cardigan. Underneath, wear a simple tank top in a neutral color. Dress it up with heels or platform sandals, or dress it down with slip-ons or ballet flats.

6. With a Colorful Jacket

A pair of white jeans make the perfect base for a colorful top. Choose a yellow, green, or other vibrantly-colored jacket and wear with a pair of distressed white jeans. Add a pair of high heels and some simple accessories to look edgy.

White jeans can be styled in a variety of ways to create a wide array of chic, stylish outfits. Experiment with the white jeans in your wardrobe.