Are your clothes in the wash and you need something to wear now? No problem. Just step over to your boyfriend’s closest. He likely has a few of these items in his wardrobe that can help you pull together an outfit in a pinch. Here are a few fashion items to “borrow” from your boyfriend.

Graphic T-Shirt

Whether it’s the weekend or a casual day out, consider a graphic t-shirt. Boyfriend t-shirts are always soft, comfy, and look great when worn with a pair of skinny jeans. If you can’t find a graphic tee, a plain white tee will also do the trick.

Woman waiting for a train. Retro toned image

Flannel Shirt

Your boyfriend’s stylish flannel shirts provide extra warmth when you don’t have a clean shirt. Wear it over a simple white cami with distressed jeans or wrap it around your waist for a hipster look.

White Button Down

A white button down dress shirt is ultra versatile. Wear your oversized button down with a pair of cut-offs or ripped jeans for a more casual look. Try wearing the crisp white button down under a black cocktail dress to dress it up a bit.

young cute teenage girl in classroom at blackboard seating on table smiling, modern hipster concept

Denim Jeans

You’ve likely heard the term “boyfriend jeans” in reference to a trendy, fashionable lady. Your boyfriend’s worn, light-washed pair is perfect for casual days. Just cuff the jeans at the ankle and add a belt. Wear your boyfriend’s jeans with a fitted tee and a pair of Converse.

Tuxedo Jacket

If you have to go to the office or an important meeting and don’t have time to stop home, grab your boyfriend’s tuxedo jacket. A basic black tuxedo jacket worn over a blouse can instantly make you appear more polished. Add a pair of heels and you’re office-ready.

Today, many women’s clothing styles are inspired by menswear. If you’re in need of a quick ensemble, consider something from your boyfriend’s closet.