Fall fashion colors are always those rich tones that bring out the golden and brown hues of our summer-kissed skin. Fall is the time for crisp weather and beautiful leaves, and the fall palette reflects that each year. After analyzing the New York and London Fashion Weeks, PANTONE released a report for the trending colors of Fall 2017.

The PANTONE colors from New York Fashion Week included:

  • Grenadine: A wonderfully bright shade of a leafy red-orange.
  • Tawny Port: A rich burgundy hue.
  • Ballet Slipper: A light, feminine hue on the slightly cooler side of pink.
  • Butterum: A tawny, balanced swatch of tan.
  • Navy Peony: The navy blue of the sky in autumn twilight.

Red has been a very trending color for this fall season’s shoe and accessory lines among top designers. Each of these colors play nicely with the others to create a fantastical fall wardrobe that is warm and inviting. Some of the other noted colors included cooler hues of blues and greens, a neutral gray and a very cliché fall orange pick of Autumn Maple (the color of a ripe pumpkin). Mixing these colors in patterns, layers and accessory splashes will provide the look that is modern and elegant for this upcoming season.

The PANTONE colors from London Fashion Week for Fall 2017 lines included:

  • Flame Scarlet: A stunning hue of pure red that might be found in a Cardinal or ripe pie cherry
  • Primrose Pink: A very close pink hue to Ballet Slipper with just a hint more warmth.
  • Toast: Close to Butterrum, but more fleshy and slightly cooler.
  • Blue Bell: A midday sky blue on a warm but blustery day with just a tinge of violet.
  • Royal Lilac: A balanced shade of purple.

Other colors included were warm shades of tan and yellows with the same Navy Peony that was chosen to represent popular colors in NY lines for Fall 2017. From these two pallets combined, it is clear that red, navy, medium tan and light pink are going to be popular colors in many lines. Florals remain popular, including several selections from these popular colors and layered ruffles in solid hues are another big trend. What will you be adding this season to really make your wardrob pop?