It’s easy to forget how unique we all are and as a result, we make the mistake of investing in pieces that doesn’t seem to match what you see on magazine covers. Somehow an outfit that you’ve been dying to get your hands on looks amazing on your curvy friend, but doesn’t fit right on your small frame. The solution to looking on point every single time is to dress for your body shape.

High-Waisted Bottoms for Large Hips/Buttocks 

If you have larger sized hips or buttocks, go with high-waisted clothing. Darker colors will also create a slimmer appearance. You need pants that flare at the bottom and fit well at the thigh level. Avoid tapered or straight-legged pants. Your skirts and dresses should also flare. Try to stick with soft materials as well.

Ruffles and Pleated Skirts to Accentuate Small Hips/Curves

Create some roundness and volume for your hips with fluff. Choose dresses that have tiers or ruffles. Pleated skirts are great as they add volume to the hip area. Also, opt for bohemian or long skirts, flared pants or empire dresses. Stay away from straight cut pants.

Flowing Tops for Large Abdomen

If you are a little shy about your apple-shaped or larger in your midsection, wear flowing tops that’ll drape over your belly not stick. You can also wear shape wear underneath your clothing to flatter the region. Avoid tops like crop tops or mid-drifts.

Ruffle Tops for Flat Chest

A good push-up bra is one way to create the illusion that “mountains” exist. If you want to try something else as well, wear ruffle tops which create bulk at the bust line.