An epic trend that has emerged seemingly out of nowhere, if you haven’t yet heard about the new RompHim trend, you might be living under a rock. For those who are yet unfamiliar, a RompHim is one piece designed for men. Some common examples of rompers for men can be found in some jails and factories, as well as some branches of the military. However, we aren’t talking about those. This new trend is allowing men to express fashion liberty.


A Kickstarter campaign, started by a few fashion-forward men, is what caused the recent viral attention. Now with over $350,000 raised (with an original goal of $10,000), it is clear that the world is more than ready to adopt the RompHim trend. In the name of creating more stylish, versatile options for men, RompHim seem to respond to a true need among fashionable men.

The Future of Fashion

While some seem to believe that this gender-bending brand of fashion is not needed, experts suggest this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past, most men were restricted to either suits or jeans (or some combination of the 2), and it seems those days may finally be over. In fact, many fashionistas believe that retailers will one day have to create entire departments for this type of fashion, and judging by the overwhelming positive reaction to the RompHim, those days may not be too far off.

Overall, whether you hate or love them, RompHims are here to stay. If you aren’t a fan yet, try taking a tour around social media. It may just change your mind. Since the trend has begun, there has been a trend of men on all parts of the spectrum looking quite fabulous in their RompHims.