While your friends are shedding their winter looks for deep bronze or healthy brown tones in their skin, you’re hiding under SPF 90. You’re the fair one – the pale-skinned person who gets a ton of compliments about her complexion, but never feels quite right in makeup. It’s time to add some color to your face. Here are some tricks to make those light features pop!


First of all, it’s important to determine whether you’re warm, cool, or neutral.

No, this isn’t a question about whether you need an extra sweater in the office. This has to do with your skin’s natural undertones. Grab some gold jewelry or a gold piece of fabric and place it by the inside of your wrist. Then get some silver and try again. Which color makes your skin look brighter and healthier?

  • Gold = warm
  • Silver = cool
  • Same with both = neutral

Armed with this new understanding of your skin, search for foundations that enhance the undertone you have. This will bring out your natural, healthy glow instead of hiding it away.



Darker skin tones tend to look amazing with bright or deep red lips. Snow White can sometimes pull this off, and it’s a pretty dramatic look.

Decide whether you’re trying to make a statement, or whether you’d like to use something more natural.

Lighter lip colors often give a smooth, luscious look to faces with fair skin. Unless you want your lips to steal the show, try something subtle like a light pink or glossy nude.


This is where you can really work with contrast to make your features pop. A natural look combined with dramatic eyes always draws the right kind of attention. Take a dark eye liner and outline the top and bottom lids. Then draw a small hashtag symbol (#) on the far corner of each eyelid. Finally, smug the hashtag so that it blends in. You’ll quickly find a warm, “smokey” look that makes your eyes stand out!